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How To Get Shapely Legs

You put your right leg in, you put your left leg in, you squeeze into your jeans and shake it all about.

You want to fit into your pants, yet have a little room to breathe as well.

Exercise that's focused on your thighs will lengthen, tone, and create denser, stronger muscles in your legs.  The result- firm, shapely legs.

These exercises, will burn fat, tone, firm and strengthen your thigh muscles all at once.

Ski Squats- Lean your back against the wall. Place your feet shoulder width apart, about two feet out from the wall. Bend your knees to a half squat position. After 10 seconds, lower down to about two inches lower. After another 10 seconds, lower another two inches down. Repeat 5 times.

Inner Thigh Toner- Lie flat on the floor with your back on the ground and stomach up. While keeping both legs straight, raise one of your legs about 6" off the floor.  Make a circular motion with the leg. Keep your toes pointed. Make 15 circles- then lower your leg back to the floor.  Repeat with the other leg. Try it a couple of times and try to do it daily; you'll feel the burn.

Dumbbell Lunge- Hold dumbbells and pull your shoulders back. Put either one of your feet forward and slowly bend your knees so that your inner thighs are stretched. Hold the position for a few seconds, then slowly return to the standing position. Switch to the other leg. Repeat several times. When your knees are bent, they should be over your ankles-not beyond.

Your thigh area is loaded with muscles of various lengths, shapes and thickness. The functions of these muscles are all different, but they have to coordinate with each other to perform many of the movements you make.

Building your thigh muscles will increase stamina in almost everything you do, including climbing stairs, getting out of a chair, squatting to pick up a baby, or walking the grocery aisles.

Carry out these exercises in a slow, controlled manner, so that you avoid injury.

Slip into your jeans with ease.

That's what it's all about.

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