Anna Goldstein is an NYU Certified Life Coach, who empowers individuals and professionals to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals and holds you accountable to achieve your desires. Anna directs individuals and professionals towards success and shows you how to shift your perceptions to make positive life changes. If you’re feeling stuck, confused or unhappy Anna provides you with the tools to take action and achieve results.

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Gain Clarity in a Complex World

Build Confidence & Self-Image

Find Solutions to Challenges

Create Healthy Habits

Improve Your Relationships

Find Career Fulfillment

Continue to Evolve & Reach Your Potential

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"Our work together has been invaluable to me in learning where I'm going in this phase and I am deeply appreciative of your energy, attention and presence. I carry realizations from our phone calls with me and draw focus and presence from those "aha"s."

  1. -Lindsay Carlin, Chicago, Illinois


"Thank you...working with you is just what I was looking for; it really opened up my eyes and enabled me to create a plan to reach my goals. I have had much success in all areas of my life."

- Michelle Ewing, New York, NY

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