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Piggy Bank

Maybe you had one, maybe you didn’t. But, now you probably should. With expenses so high and the ability to save so low- go back to what you learned in Kindergarden.

Piggy Banks are used to reinforce the idea of saving your hard earned dough.

It’s not easy to save, but by putting your money in a place where you can’t see it and you have to break it to get to it...makes saving a little easier.

If you put $5 dollars a day away, the money in your Piggy Bank- in:

1 year turns into $1,680.

3 years your dollars will become $5,040.

5 years you’ll have $8,500.

10 years, a nice chunk of spare change


If you don't have a Piggy Bank...simply put your money where you can't (that is CAN'T) see it.

After you put $5 dollars a day away, years later, you can be piggy and buy yourself something expensive.

You deserve the reward.

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