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Shop 'Til You Drop

After you've worked hard all year round, it's time to spend your hard earned dough on the people you love for the (happy) holidays. Prance around the mall, shop on the net, browse cute boutiques, and buy gifts for the special people in your life.

Every now and then you buy something (those shoes you bought impulsively) and you end up returning it later. It always feels great to get that money put back into your account. You try to save as much as you can but, you also shop a lot, especially at the most wonderful time of the year.…

However, it's December, so don't forget your last minute returns.  Not your shopping returns, but your tax refunds.

Here's some tips to keep a little more money in your pocket:

1. If you have enough cash to spare, invest in a short-term CD or Treasury bill that matures in 2007.

2. Consider selling some stocks that haven't done too well for you.  Since it's technically a loss, you could reduce the amount of taxes you pay for 2006.

3. Donate some of your clothes to charity before December ends.  It's a good deed and as long as you get a receipt you can deduct (as long as you itemize) donations off your taxes.

4.  If you're getting a bonus, you might want to ask your employer to hold off writing that check until January.  This way you can defer taxes by simply waiting to put that check in the bank until 2007.

Get everything you need for your loved ones, and get your own essentials as well. Check with your accountant and find out what will be tax deductible for you (like stuff at Staples, etc.,) before the end of the year.

Shop 'til you drop and manage your taxes so your pocket pouch doesn't get you in a slump.

The returns can be great.

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